Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology University of Zurich

Food and Identity in Central Asia, CASCA Volume II


Aida Aaly Alymbaeva (Eds) 


Max Planck Institute for social anthropology, Department „Integration and conflict“, Halle (Saale)


Foreword from Bettina Mann, Max Plank Institute for Social Anthropology, Germany



Rita Sanders

CASCA Associate, University of Cologne, Germany

Internationalism on the Table: Dining Ethnicity in one’s Homeland Kazakhstan

Indira Alibayeva

CASCA, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Food Talks: Reflections from the Field on Food Culture of The Uzbeks and Kazakhs in Southern Kazakhstan 
Russell Zanca

CASCA Associate, Northeastern Illinois University, USA
Northeastern Illinois University

‘Why, Yes, I Have Tried Palov!’ The Importance of Saying Good Things about Uzbekistan through Consumption
Rano Turaeva

CASCA Associate, Leibnitz Institute for Regional Geography, Germany  

The Role of Food in Identification Processes: Examples from Uzbekistan
Baktygul Karimova

CASCA,  University of Zurich, Switzerland

‘The Only Organ which Has Nothing to Do with Politics Is the Stomach’: How the Kyrgyz Handle Their Eating Habits since 2010
Louise Bechtold

CASCA, Max Plank Institute for Social Anthropology, Germany

Women’s Identity and the Ritual Economy of Bread in Southern Kyrgyzstan

Aida Aaly Alymbaeva

CASCA, Max Plank Institute for Social Anthropology, Germany

Food and identity in Chelpek, Kyrgyzstan

Danuta Penkala-Gawecka

Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland

The Career of a ‚Healthy Drink‘ Aktyk in Today’s Kyrgyzstan: Meanings and Uses of Tradition

Amantour Japarov

Kyrgyz Academy of Sciences, Kyrgyzstan 

Meat Distribution Rules and Significance of Radial Bone (kar zhilik) in Kyrgyz Traditional Knowledge

Wolfgang Holzwarth

CASCA, University of Halle, Germany

Sharing Food in Southern Tajikistan

Soledad Jiménez Tovar

CASCA, Max Plank Institute for Social Anthropology, Germany

Culturalism and Food: Central Asian Dungans in China

Peter Finke

CASCA, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Changing Food Preferences in Mongolia

Merle Schatz

CASCA Associate, Leipzig University, Germany 

‘We Do Not Eat Their Stuff!’ White Food and Identity in Inner Mongolia