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Aida Aaly Alymbaeva

Doktorandin, Max-Planck Institut für ethnologische Forschung, Abteilung Integration und Konflikt


Ethnizität, ethnische Stereotype, Migration, Urbanisierung und Globalisierung, Verwandtschaft, Tradition und Modernität, soziales


Kirgisien, Zentral Asien

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Aida Aaly Alymbaeva was a senior researcher at the Aigine Cultural Research Center, Kyrgyzstan. Under this organization she was involved into the studies of Kyrgyz traditional knowledge, particularly the phenomena of sacred sites in 2005-2010. Her research experience includes also the study of identity issues of Kyrgyz inner migrants, done in Kelechek peri-urban area of Bishkek in 2003-2007.

Aida has a teaching experience at the Anthropology Department of American University of Central Asia in 2004-2006: the courses on Ethnic Identity and Ethnographic Studies of Central Asia.

Aida initiated a project on development of Anthropology in Eurasia for young faculty under the support of Open Society Institute in 2007-2011.

She has a few publications on inner migration and urbanization in Kyrgyzstan, as well as on Kyrgyz literature studies in Russian language.


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