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Aksana Ismailbekova, PhD

Associate, Department ‘Integration and Conflict‘, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology; A research fellow at Zentrum Moderner Orient (ZMO)


conflict, marriage, patronage, kinship, and everyday politics in rural Kyrgyzstan



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Aksana Ismailbekova conducted her research in rural Kyrgyz communities for her doctoral project completed in 2011 at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology (MPI).  In her first research project, Aksana Ismailbekova examined the overlapping interlinkages between Kyrgyz kinship and networks of political patronage.

Since 2011 Aksana Ismailbekova is a post-doctoral researcher at the Zentrum Moderner Orient in Berlin, and is a member of the competence network Crossroads Asia project. For her postdoctoral project, Aksana has conducted research in Osh during 2011-2014. During her project on Uzbek communities, her research revealed the importance of marriage among Uzbeks as a coping strategy in the face of community unrest and violence/conflict

Aksana Ismailbekova has published on kinship, marriage, patronage networks, coping strategies, migration, conflict as well as women. Her articles have appeared Central Asian Survey, Focaal, and Nationalities Papers, and etc. Currently, Aksana Ismailbekova is currently turning her dissertation into a book manuscript, which contributes to the ethnography of kinship politics in the region “Poetics of Patronage: Patron and Kinsmen in Rural Kyrgyzstan”.  

Aksana Ismailbekova together with Jeanne Féaux de la Croix will publish Special Issue on Futures and Belongings in Kyrgyzstan in the Anthropology of East Europe Review (AEER).

PhD Project I:
The Native Son and Blood Ties: Kinship and Poetics of Patronage in Rural Kyrgyzstan
Postdoc Project II:    
Crossroads Asia: Conflict Dynamics, Local Strategies and Translocal Ties in the Fergana Valley


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