The aim of this workshop organized by the Centre for Anthropological Studies on Central Asia (CASCA Halle-Zurich) is to analyse the transformation of institutions and identities in postsocialist Central Asia and to trace the ways these transformations affect various aspects of everyday life in the region.

Under institutions we mean not only formal and visible political and economic organizations and structures but also informal rules and norms that underlie and shape ethnic interaction and co-existence, political culture (corruption), coping strategies and affect other areas of everyday life. In particular, the workshop will seek to explore the question of how postsocialist transformation manifested itself in the changes in economic activities, patterns of ethnic interaction, migration and mobility, relationships between ethnic, national and religious identities, politics of the past and other aspects.

We are particularly interested in the following issues:

1) Transformation of economic, political and social institutions;

2) Migration and mobility

3) Identities, ethnic relations, memory and politics of the past

4) Transformation of religious practices and institutions  

Preliminary Dates: 20th– 22st December, 2013

Keynote speakers: Prof. Günther Schlee, Prof. Peter Finke

Venue: Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Zurich  

Organizing committee:

Dilyara Suleymanova

Eliza Isabaeva