Halle, July 3 2014

Halle-Zurich Centre for Anthropological Studies on Central Asia, Max-Planck-Institute for Social Anthropology and Universityof Zurich, Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology


Statement of Support

Alexander Sodiqov, a PhD student at the University of Toronto in Canada,has been arrested on June 16 2014 in Tajikistan. Although not being chargedofficially, he has been accused of subversion and espionage. Alexander wascarrying out research in Khorogh (Gorno-Badakhshan) in the frame of a researchproject entitled “Rising Powers and Conflict Management in Central Asia”,funded by the British Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). He wasinvestigating the role of civil society in processes of conflict management duringhis recent stay in Khorogh. In his role as a research assistant, he wasemployed by the University of Exeter (UK) whose ethics committee approved theproject in June 2013.

Alexander Sodiqov is a researcher from Central Asia who has been workingand teaching in Tajikistan as well as abroad for many years. He is part of ayounger generation of Central Asian scholars who build bridges betweencountries, research institutions and cultures. We do not know what prompted hisarrest, but we strongly condemn the fact that he has been detained since June16 with no formal charge being issued. We call upon governmental authorities toensure that his rights are fully respected.

On behalf of all CASCA-members,

 Prof. Dr. Peter Finke                                                           Prof.Dr. Günther Schlee


Photo 1: In support of Alexander Sodiqov – Researchers at Risk in Central Asia. July 1, 2014. CASCA meeting at Halle/Germany