Speaker: CASCA
Organiser (s): CASCA
Location: Max-Planck Institut for Social Anthropology

Navruz (also called Noruz, Nowruz, Nowrooz, Nooruz and Nawruz), the beginning of a “New Year“, is one of the oldest holidays on the Earth and has been celebrated by people in Central Asia and Iran. Navruz is an ancestral festivity marking the rst day of spring and the renewal of nature.

It transcends religious, ethnic, linguistic and national divisions and brings people together. A great deal of food was prepared during these days. It symbolized prosperity and wealth in the coming year.

We invite you to join us in Navruz celebration and cook together the traditional Navruz soup – Navruz Kozhe which consists of 7 dierent ingredients. These seven ingredients symbolize seven virtues or qualities such as joy, success, intelligence, health, wealth, agility and security. Besides, other traditional Central Asian meals such as baursaqs/boorsoqs, sumalak, samsa, plov and chak-chak are also offered for our guests on this special day.

Discover the spirit of Navruz with music, dance and food from Central Asia!

The program of Navruz: 17:00 Short lm about Navruz celebration in Tajikistan

17:30 Cooking-together traditional Navruz-Kozhe Soup

18:30 Traditional games and music from Central Asia

19:00 Party Everybody is welcome! Feel free to bring along your friends, guests, spouses, etc. We would like to ask you to bring some food or drinks to the party.

Registration can be done until 17.03.2016 under this email: kralyuk@casca-halle-zurich.org